Activities with toddlers at home? You’ve come to the right place!

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It can be REALLY frustrating, with the global pandemic continuing to grow, you’re running out of ideas on how to entertain your toddlers at home.

It’s true, toddlers can be tricky! Possessing a lot of energy and not fully prepared to take learning lessons, children at this age are active, always searching for fun activities to keep themselves occupied.

Actually, there is a list of interesting indoor activities you can do with your toddlers at home.

More than just having fun, toddlers learn while playing

“Play is so important to optimal child development that it has been recognized by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights as a right of every child.”

According to a clinical report from the American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP), play is truly a vital part of children’s growth, including physical, emotional and intellectual development.

When children are very young, their way of exploring and learning the world around them is to play.

99 fun (yet easy) indoor activities to do with your toddlers!

Toddlers are always so energetic, what to do?

Well, hang in there, here comes the list of 99 indoor activities! Let’s click to find out.

1. Sticker Line-Up

2. Soapy Jars

3. Dish Soap Foam

4. Laundry Hamper Fishing

5. Perfect DIY Spring Toddler Activities

6. Sort and Drop Color Activity with Lego Bricks

7. Pasta Play

8. Fine Motor Color Sorting Activity

9. Ocean Sensory Bag

10. Sight Word Building

11. Toddler Fine Motor Water Activity

12. Erase the ABCs

activities with toddlers at home

13. Homemade Bath Paints

14. Golf Tee Push

15. Matching Objects

16. Painting on Foil

17. Card Slot Drop

18. Shape Hunt Sensory Bin

19. Whisking Bubbles

20. Simple Entertainment Sensory Bottles

21. Snow Mobiles

22. Magic Sand for Baby

23. Name Broom Hockey

activities with toddlers at home

24. What’s Magnetic

25. Baby Play with Rice and Cookie Cutters

26. Homemade Household Objects Puzzle

27. Stacking Cups

28. Recycled Building

29. CD Stacking Fine Motor Play

30. Pom Pom Racing

31. Crunchy Box

32. Pom Pom Push

33. Alphabet Letter Fishing

34. Lego Bath

35. Impromptu Drum Circle

activities with toddlers at home

36. What’s Missing

37. Mini Treasure Hunt

38. Pouring Station

39. Painting with Cars

40. Floating Letters

41. Tong Transfer Game

42. Scooping Pom Poms

43. Grab and Sort

44. Fine Motor ABCs

45. Rice Bin

46. Sink or Float Discovery Station

47. Hide the Animals

48. Spaghetti Potion

49. Slimy Gel Bag

50. Just Flour

51. Flour & Water Piping

52. Explore Ice Cubes!

53. Jello!

54. Calendar Photo Crawl Activity

55. Add water to paper

56. Bubbles!

57. Dance Party

58. Bean Sensory Tub

59. Parachute Play

60. Coloring on Sandpaper

61. Roll & Hop Shape Game

62. Painting with Water on Cardboard

63. Mess-Free Process Art

64. Bath Time for Toy Animals

65. Tissue Paper

66. Dropping Caps in a Baby Wipes Container

67. Ice Skating for Toys

68. Sorting Toys by Color

69. Foamy Soap Painting

70. Fill the Snowman Fine Motor Game

71. Printable Cereal Sorting Mat

72. Number Path

73. Fine Motor Play with a Strainer and Pipe Cleaners

74. Fizzing Snowflakes

75. Sticky Mural for Toddlers

76. Heart Sensory Matching

77. Cotton Ball Races

78. Hokey Pokey Roll & Sing

79. Snowman Ball Sort

80. DIY Magnetic Felt Board for the Fridge

81. Scooping and Pouring with Edible Water Beads

82. Birthday Cupcake Pretend Play

83. DIY Photo Blocks

84. Clothespin Drop

85. Toddler Balance Beam

86. Animal Mix-Up LEGOs

87. Squirt Painting

88. Line Tape City

89. Paper Cloud Pillow

90. Busy Board

91. Pasta Threading

92. DIY Shape Mats for Shaving Cream Sensory Play

93. Counting Activity

94. Alphabet Monster

95. Cotton Ball Painting

96. Super Soft Play Dough

97. Science Experiment

98. Reading Nook

99. Grow A Plant


Tips for you during games

Nothing can replace your company when it comes to improving your toddlers’ abilities. So be there for them! If they ask you to play with them, jump at the opportunity.

But how to make the most of the playtime with your toddlers?

Here are some tips for you:

3.1 Encourage them

Your babies are easily distracted, which makes it difficult for them to concentrate on one thing for even 5 minutes.

So, talk to them occasionally to keep their spirits up! This way, it is more likely for them to keep going on for a while. If it goes well, they may accomplish one task by themselves!

3.2 Provide just enough help

Whenever your toddlers are in trouble, they will be happy and satisfied to receive help from you.

After all, they are just small babies. But it doesn’t mean they want to be told what to do or have you doing it all.

3.3 Be their partner

In some games, it takes two persons to finish the task, which makes you the perfect playmate for your toddlers.

Otherwise, they may end up feeling both sad and frustrated, which is the last thing you want to see.

3.4 Cautionary tips

Remember, it is always important to pay attention to your children’s safety.

  • Always check out the space beforehand. Do not leave anything sharp on the table, like a pair of scissors or a knife. Your babies could seriously get injured.
  • Always keep an eye on your babies during playtime, because they may have something in the mouth. Your babies may choke on it.

So be careful!

Bottom line

Playing with your toddlers can be joyful, but also exhausting, especially when you have no choice but to stay at home these days.

But remember, play is a critical part of your children’s development. So let us be creative and have fun with those little ones at your sweet home.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

Which game from today’s post are you going to try first?

Or maybe you have other amazing activity to share with us.

Anyway, let me know by leaving a quick comment below!


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